Why not decorate your home with concrete balustrade?

If you’re looking to decorate your home with something elegant and antique, concrete balustrade is the way to go. Our precast concrete balustrade has the most important feature – easy to install. No need to be a professional or have professional tools to install the balustrade. However, if you want it to be strong and precise, you should call a professional and let them handle it. We at CreteKraft offer installing and maintenance of your concrete balustrade, besides the selling. Also, if you’re not around our office, we have the opportunity to ship them worldwide!

We sell concrete balustrades for years now and have decorated many homes that required something new and innovative. There are many places that you can place the concrete balustrade such as:

  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Porch
  • Entrance
  • Backyard
  • Balcony
  • Stairs

Wherever you want your home to be decorated, we can supply you the opportunity to do so. You can call us at 1 215 966 1660 and ask us any question you might have about concrete balustrades. We are also accessible through our e-mail [email protected] and are very responsive to messages. You can also look our molds and balusters here and pick something out before coming down to our office.

Which place is the best for concrete balustrades?

Our concrete balustrades can be applied on many parts of your home, it all depends on your style. Some people choose the front porch to be stable and show more elegance when you enter the home. Other ones decorate their patio, or decks with them. It’s really all about what you want your house to look like, which place you want to be more decorate than the other. Concrete balustrades also look amazing on the 2nd floor balconies. They give the feeling that you are in the ancient times where every balcony had balusters.

We guarantee for our product that are 100% safe and secure to work with. If you are outside of the USA, we also offer worldwide shipping of our products. You will have to provide us with information about your location and the size of your purchase. You can do that all through the internet with a series of steps that we can inform you at our e-mail. Send us an e-mail today and we will try to respond in a matter of one business day. Decorate your home with the finest balustrade there is!

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Decorate your home with balusters

How can you make balusters with molds?

Balusters are a formation made from any material of your choice that is used as decoration for your outdoors ambient. Besides buying balusters that are already done, you can do them yourself too. The process is not that difficult if you know what molds are and how to use them. Molds are the place where the baluster creates form and gets hard. It gives them the height, width, style and details based on their inner form. The molds have different shape and parameters based on what you want out of them.

Balusters can lighten up your outdoors whether they are used on your balcony or on the stairwell. They are usually colored white to keep their tradition alive since the first balusters recorder were mostly white. The balusters date back to the Baroc times and have been around ever since. Their characteristic look and stability has kept them the best choice for decoration of your outdoor. Our company offers you the possibility to create balusters with molds yourself by offering molds of different kinds. You can find all our mold models here and make your choice whatever model you desire.

Three main reasons you should choose balusters

There are more than three reasons why balusters should be your choice to decorate your home. We chose the three main ones so you have a better view on why you should chose balusters.

Elegant – The elegance that baluster give to your home is irreplaceable with any other choice. The tall and thick formation gives you the feeling that you are back to the ancient times. Not only are they stable, but they are good looking too! The white color of the baluster gives you the feeling of elegance that fits every home.

Stability – Any other choice would be less stable because of their parameters. Take for example railing, a very common choice for your stairway or outdoor. They are thin and long, and made from metal mostly, or sometimes wood. Now, if we compare the stability between a 4.75 inches wide concrete baluster and a 1 inch metal, we have the answer. The thicker the more stable it is.

Easy – Perhaps the easiest choice for maintenance in this field. Not necessary to paint them again since they are not made of metal and don’t rust. Same thing goes if you would have wood railings for your stairway. The balusters do not require constant care and can take care of themselves just as well. If you are a rather lazy person when it comes to keep things the way they should be, this is your best choice!

If you have any more question regarding our service of baluster molds, please contact us at or e-mail us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for molds? You’re on the right website

What are molds?

moldsMolds are usually a molded plastic formation that allows you to fill it with another liquid material and let it grow hard. These are usually used to create balusters and give your home a lovely view. They come in all shapes and sizes to which you can choose what suits you best. The molds have only one function – to supply an ambient so your liquid material can get hard and ready to be useful. Usually, the molds are filled with concrete material and get hard approximately for an amount of hours. The molds are usually 30 inches long, but they can also reach the height of 50 inches in some cases. They are mostly adapted to the customer’s need, and are built that way. The width is usually 4.75 inches which gives the balusters that are produced a stability to hold any kind of weight.

What do we offer?

CK 107 – The CK 107 Mold is the most practical mold we offer. The minimal amount of mold you can order is 1 box with 6 Molds with the price of 450$. They are handy to use since they are 28 inches high, which gives you the leverage to work as easy as possible with them. The material we used is self-releasing molded plastic so no material will get stuck inside and ruin the baluster. You are not required to oil them inside since the material is self-releasing plastic, so one job less.

CK 109 – If you are looking for a higher mold to create higher balusters, the CK 109 is for you. With a whopping 35 inches height you are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. They have a width of 4,75 inches in order to give your baluster the stability it requires for the height it has. It’s also made with self-releasing plastic material, and no oiling is required here either. The minimal amount of molds you have to order is the full box which contains 6 molds and cost 500$.

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Your best choice for balusters

A baluster, also called a stair stick in some cases, is a molded shaft that is given it’s form from a mold and it’s form. They are usually made from concrete, and come in all forms and shapes from the mold you choose. But, they can be from any liquid material that gets hard with time, such as metal. Their main reason is to give your home an antique look and give stability to your stairs or balcony. The formation of many balusters is called balustrade and are usually the same distance from each other. The best and most common balusters are colored white, like in the ancient Rome, for the best view possible.

We offer seven types of balusters, to which we’re going to talk about below:

Baluster CK 103 – The baluster CK 103 dates back in the Baroc Times and was used throughout North America in the 19th century. They have a 28 inches height with a 4.75 inches width to give stability to your stairs. The material we use for these balusters is concrete, and are maintenance free!

Baluster CK 104 – This baluster has a more interesting shape. It has the same technical information as the CK 103, with a 28 inches height and 4.75 inches width. It is made from strong concrete to have a strong and stable formation. The best part is that you don’t have to oil them! They are as firm as they come

Baluster CK 107 – The CK 107 has its own design that makes them the more interesting and easier to combine with the outdoors. It has a 28 inches height and 4.75 inches width, which is the perfect performance. Also, they are made from concrete and white paint to hold inside the design from the Baroc Times. The oiling part is not required either since they are painted white.

Baluster CK 109 – The CK 109 is way taller and more elegant! It comes with a 35 inches height if what you are seeking is higher balusters. In order to keep the balance between height and width, it has a 4,75 inches width. Perfect for outdoors and very elegant decoration for balconies. The material is also concrete, and you are not required to oil them.

Baluster CK 112 – This baluster is slightly taller than the usual ones. It comes with a 32 inches height  that is the perfect height if you are not a fan of tall or short balusters. It is our best-seller of last year just for the height, since 35 can be too high and 28 too low. They are made from concrete and are also painted white to keep their design. They are also maintenance free so no worries here!

Baluster CK 116 – Looking to cover a low part of your outdoor ? The baluster CK 116 is your best choice. With only 19 inches height it is the best choice you can have for a low balcony. It has, as usual 4.75 inches width and is made from concrete and painted white. It has a maintenance-free feature too!

Baluster CK 117 – This baluster is also called the Piza baluster! It is used the past years to add a Baroc charm and distinction to modern designs. It has a practical height of 30 inches that allows you to manipulate with them. To give them stability, they are made from concrete and have a 4.75 inches width. You don’t have to worry about oiling them since they are firm enough.


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CreteKraft: Introducing molds and balusters for your home

Who is CreteKraft?

CreteKraft is a company that is in business 15 years now regarding molds and balusters. We specialize in design, stability and easy-maintainable products. Besides molds and balusters, CreteKraft has an experience of 15 years in concrete overlays and designs! Have your overlay you always wanted to the best price! Or, if you’re more of an old fashion look for modern times person, we have solutions for you too! Give us a call at 215 966 1660 and set an appointment today!

We have a worldwide shipping options, so don’t let your place in the world block you from decorating your home. You can reach us by e-mail [email protected] if you’re not close to Philadelphia and cant reach us through the phone.

How important are molds and balusters to your home?


Being that they’re mostly there to give your house a great look, they play an important role for your home. Since it will be the first thing everyone will notice, they have to be good-looking. Some may refer to molds and balusters as a house hair cut. If it’s bad, people notice! That’s why CreteKraft is here for you and your style preferences. You can find our mold products here and chose today what your home will look like!






Besides molds, CreteKraft also offers balusters. Starting from the most simple design to the most complicated ones, we are the first choice. We offer a variety of design and color regarding the balusters. With a staff that has over 15 years of experience in this field, any design or problem you might encounter will be over in no time.

Our best product is the Baluster CK 109. It’s replicated from Baroc Times, and its extensively used throughout Europe. This can be used for multi story and vast areas. It’s slender and classic both at the same time! You can find more of our products here and pick the one you desire.

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Introducing the two best options for Molds at CRETKRAFT.COM

Mold CK 107

One of the best options you can choose is the Mold CreteKraft 107 we offer for the best price you can find. It will give you the antique look you were always Mold Balusterslooking for. The specifics of the Molds are the same as they were in the early years of they usage back in ancient Rome. The height of them are 28 inches with 4.75 inches width, covering the perfect space a Mold should. If you are rather worried about the material we are going to use is top quality! Since the material inside the molds is rather sticky, we use the self-releasing molded plastic for the Molds so nothing will stick inside. (more…)

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Come visit our showroom at 4651 Frankford Ave, Phildelphia PA, 19124.
Feel free call or email us if you need any more information.

Mold CK 109 & CK 107: $ 79.00

Lowest Quantity to buy is 6 Molds

CRETEKRAFT traveled the many countries of Europe to study the various forms of architecture that were used to design the majestic buildings and structures of ancient times. These beautiful European-designed Balusters are proudly offered to you today through CRETEKRAFT to grace your railings, balconies, retaining walls, and terraces.


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No matter what year it is or what season we are in, CreteKraft never goes out of style. This architecture has been around for many years and it has been commonly talked about. There is noting more beautiful than ancient architecture and culture. CreteKraft has been around for about 15 years and has been transforming cracked driveways and old moldy decks into new patios and absolutely amazing driveways. When people drive by, they can’t keep their eyes of the scenes because they want their home to look like that. CreteKraft has been getting its motives with ancient styles from all around the world such as Italy, Greece, Macedonia, France, and etc.

Contact us to make an appointment and get your home looking like you are in Venice, Italia. Phone: 215-774-1332. Cel: 856-813-9364.


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CreteKraft – Concrete Overlay

In order to complete a job revolving around concrete balusters. The material is definitely an essential part of the job, because withpout materials, there will be no job. Now here in Philadelphia, CreteKraft offers concrete balusters ranging from $27 – $35 , $35 being the biggest concrete baluster we have. If you’re not familiar with what a concrete baluster is, feel free to navigate through our website, where you will most likely find all the information that  you need to extend your knowledge in this category.

With a high demand of customers wanting a new look for their home, trying the concrete balusters is highly recommended by CreteKraft. Being it can be used both interior and exterior it is very handy and very durable to last. We have professionaly trained contractors that we provide to our customers to help best suit the type of job required. With a great product or skilled service like concrete baluster you might add, your house value will see a definite increase, due to the fact it just makes everything look BETTER.

Concrete balusters have been a big choice for commercial companies and bigger corporations because it is just more durable and more reliable. But here at CreteKraft we are providing these masonry essentials to residential buyers as well.  Here at CreteKraft we guide you to finding the best option for your job, and help design uniqe layouts just for you so you can say you are the only one that has it. We are proud and honored to be serving the city of Philadelphia and look forward to starting our next masonry concrete baluster project with you.

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