Mold CK 107

One of the best options you can choose is the Mold CreteKraft 107 we offer for the best price you can find. It will give you the antique look you were always Mold Balusterslooking for. The specifics of the Molds are the same as they were in the early years of they usage back in ancient Rome. The height of them are 28 inches with 4.75 inches width, covering the perfect space a Mold should. If you are rather worried about the material we are going to use is top quality! Since the material inside the molds is rather sticky, we use the self-releasing molded plastic for the Molds so nothing will stick inside.

And the best part is – No oiling required! The most unpleasant part of using Molds is the oiling so it wont stick. But not at our equipment. When you choose us for your Molds, you will not have to worry about oiling anything at all. And if you already chose us, we have the products ready to use. Including all the fasteners you will need to. The Mold CK 107 purchase can come in two sizes :

1 box – 6 molds which will cost you 450$

5 boxes – 30 molds which will cost you 2,250$

You can save precious time by purchasing 5 boxes that will be delivered Worldwide if you are not close to come and pick them up yourself. Call us today at +1 856 813 9364 and we will tell you everything else you need to know.

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