Who is CreteKraft?

CreteKraft is a company that is in business 15 years now regarding molds and balusters. We specialize in design, stability and easy-maintainable products. Besides molds and balusters, CreteKraft has an experience of 15 years in concrete overlays and designs! Have your overlay you always wanted to the best price! Or, if you’re more of an old fashion look for modern times person, we have solutions for you too! Give us a call at 215 966 1660 and set an appointment today!

We have a worldwide shipping options, so don’t let your place in the world block you from decorating your home. You can reach us by e-mail [email protected] if you’re not close to Philadelphia and cant reach us through the phone.

How important are molds and balusters to your home?


Being that they’re mostly there to give your house a great look, they play an important role for your home. Since it will be the first thing everyone will notice, they have to be good-looking. Some may refer to molds and balusters as a house hair cut. If it’s bad, people notice! That’s why CreteKraft is here for you and your style preferences. You can find our mold products here and chose today what your home will look like!






Besides molds, CreteKraft also offers balusters. Starting from the most simple design to the most complicated ones, we are the first choice. We offer a variety of design and color regarding the balusters. With a staff that has over 15 years of experience in this field, any design or problem you might encounter will be over in no time.

Our best product is the Baluster CK 109. It’s replicated from Baroc Times, and its extensively used throughout Europe. This can be used for multi story and vast areas. It’s slender and classic both at the same time! You can find more of our products here and pick the one you desire.