What are molds?

moldsMolds are usually a molded plastic formation that allows you to fill it with another liquid material and let it grow hard. These are usually used to create balusters and give your home a lovely view. They come in all shapes and sizes to which you can choose what suits you best. The molds have only one function – to supply an ambient so your liquid material can get hard and ready to be useful. Usually, the molds are filled with concrete material and get hard approximately for an amount of hours. The molds are usually 30 inches long, but they can also reach the height of 50 inches in some cases. They are mostly adapted to the customer’s need, and are built that way. The width is usually 4.75 inches which gives the balusters that are produced a stability to hold any kind of weight.

What do we offer?

CK 107 – The CK 107 Mold is the most practical mold we offer. The minimal amount of mold you can order is 1 box with 6 Molds with the price of 450$. They are handy to use since they are 28 inches high, which gives you the leverage to work as easy as possible with them. The material we used is self-releasing molded plastic so no material will get stuck inside and ruin the baluster. You are not required to oil them inside since the material is self-releasing plastic, so one job less.

CK 109 – If you are looking for a higher mold to create higher balusters, the CK 109 is for you. With a whopping 35 inches height you are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. They have a width of 4,75 inches in order to give your baluster the stability it requires for the height it has. It’s also made with self-releasing plastic material, and no oiling is required here either. The minimal amount of molds you have to order is the full box which contains 6 molds and cost 500$.