CreteKaft traveled the many countries of Europe to study the various forms of architecture that were used to design the majestic buildings and structures of ancient times. These beautiful European-designed Balusters are proudly offered to you today through CreteKraft to grace your railings, balconies, retaining walls, and terraces. CreteKraft Baluster forms are specifically designed to make uniform, solid and attractive concrete Balusters that will enhance the appearance of any structure. They are easy to use, cost effective and available in many designs. CreteKraft Baluster forms are now in demand by builders, renovation specialists and individual home owners around the world.
Our ultimate goal is to bring back the beauty of the ancient times and combine it with the modern times to give builders and any others interested in the products a cutting edge. With these baluster forms we will help all in the building industry get ahead of the game with a great addition into the building and construction industries. We are proud to present these specially made baluster forms to enhance any structure and give it that European edge.

We are one of the first company’s in the US to provide Balustrade Molds for General Contractors through our Distributors located throughout the nation. We also provide shipment in bulk for international orders. We have brought to you new and improved designs to best suit different type of architecture. Whatever the project may be that you have in process of beginning, we will do our best to help find the best balustrade designs to fit your needs. These are major products that will elevate value of the masonry industry and help give a new look to construction in the years to come. Concrete Balusters, which are what these balustrade molds produce, are an essential part of our project with these products. We want to give the consumer a new and innovative way to help make their homes, patios, driveways, balconies, etc, enhanced with a European type of Architecture that gives whatever project you’re working on a total makeover. I think you get the idea. Check out our website and feel free to contact us on any information you have questions about. We are hear to serve the people in a professional and respectful manner, your calls will be returned in the order that they were received, so please keep in mind that our faculty is here to best assist our customers, and keep our honorable mention of keeping our customers 100% Satisfied no matter what.