Concrete Overlay


Polymer-modified overlays can be applied in layers as thin as a credit card or up to several inches thick without delamination or failure. They adhere well to existing concrete and resist damage from salt, chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions, and abrasion.

A stamped overlay offers all the aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped concrete but is applied over existing concrete. … They can even be applied to walls and other vertical concrete. They are especially popular for refreshing the appearance of existing driveways, patios, walkways pool decks, and floors.

Designed to rejuvenate worn, damaged, or ugly concrete, there are overlays to fit virtually any need. They can be used to correct elevation problems, restore the look of plain gray brushed concrete, or transform a drab floor or wall into something colorful and dramatic. Overlays can be integrally colored or tinted with liquid stain after the fact, so the owner’s design choices are nearly unlimited.

With our 15 years of experience, CreteKraft is able to deliver quality service to our customers no matter how small or large the project. Our craftsmen are all very knowledgeable and professional who take great pride in their work. So we can assure our clients are totally satisfied with a great job done in a timely and professional manner.

To arrange a consultation and an evaluation of the area of your home where you would like to have a concrete overlay done. Please contact our customer service representative via email or phone via voice or text.