MOLD CK 107 (1 Box – 6 Molds)


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Technical Information:
Height: 28 inches
Width: 4.75 inches
Material: Self-releasing molded plastic
Usage: No oiling required
Readiness: Ready to use. All fasteners included
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Product Description

MOLD CK 107 (1 Box – 6 Molds)

At a height of 28 inches and with the width of only 4.75 inches the baluster created by this mold doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is made of material most commonly used for self-releasing mold plastic which means no oiling required. This baluster is replicated from Baroque period (1650-1780) and keeps perfect balance between design and classic elegance.  This design is now being used for multi-story construction and create the perfect look with its slender and classic look.

The price is for 6 molds per 1 box.


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