Mold CK 109 (1 Box – 6 Molds)


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Technical Information:
Height: 35 inches
Width: 4.75 inches
Material: Self-releasing molded plastic
Usage: No oiling required
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Product Description

If you’re looking for something more bigger, this is the perfect solution for you! With a whopping height of 35inches, and the width of 4.75inches, this is the mold you have been looking for. The material used on it is the most common used, the self-releasing molded plastic, and with the feature of no oiling required. This baluster is replicated from Baroc Times (1650-1780) and keeps perfect balance between the design and the elegance from the year if was first used. It was used throughout Europe with pride and did a splendid job whenever it was used. This Piza baluster design is now being used to add Baroc charm and distinction to modern designs, so the elegance of it is not to be questioned. This baluster is your only one choice if you are looking for something more solid and bigger to add to your home!


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