Your best choice for balusters

Your best choice for balusters

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A baluster, also called a stair stick in some cases, is a molded shaft that is given it’s form from a mold and it’s form. They are usually made from concrete, and come in all forms and shapes from the mold you choose. But, they can be from any liquid material that gets hard with time, such as metal. Their main reason is to give your home an antique look and give stability to your stairs or balcony. The formation of many balusters is called balustrade and are usually the same distance from each other. The best and most common balusters are colored white, like in the ancient Rome, for the best view possible.

We offer seven types of balusters, to which we’re going to talk about below:

Baluster CK 103 – The baluster CK 103 dates back in the Baroc Times and was used throughout North America in the 19th century. They have a 28 inches height with a 4.75 inches width to give stability to your stairs. The material we use for these balusters is concrete, and are maintenance free!

Baluster CK 104 – This baluster has a more interesting shape. It has the same technical information as the CK 103, with a 28 inches height and 4.75 inches width. It is made from strong concrete to have a strong and stable formation. The best part is that you don’t have to oil them! They are as firm as they come

Baluster CK 107 – The CK 107 has its own design that makes them the more interesting and easier to combine with the outdoors. It has a 28 inches height and 4.75 inches width, which is the perfect performance. Also, they are made from concrete and white paint to hold inside the design from the Baroc Times. The oiling part is not required either since they are painted white.

Baluster CK 109 – The CK 109 is way taller and more elegant! It comes with a 35 inches height if what you are seeking is higher balusters. In order to keep the balance between height and width, it has a 4,75 inches width. Perfect for outdoors and very elegant decoration for balconies. The material is also concrete, and you are not required to oil them.

Baluster CK 112 – This baluster is slightly taller than the usual ones. It comes with a 32 inches height  that is the perfect height if you are not a fan of tall or short balusters. It is our best-seller of last year just for the height, since 35 can be too high and 28 too low. They are made from concrete and are also painted white to keep their design. They are also maintenance free so no worries here!

Baluster CK 116 – Looking to cover a low part of your outdoor ? The baluster CK 116 is your best choice. With only 19 inches height it is the best choice you can have for a low balcony. It has, as usual 4.75 inches width and is made from concrete and painted white. It has a maintenance-free feature too!

Baluster CK 117 – This baluster is also called the Piza baluster! It is used the past years to add a Baroc charm and distinction to modern designs. It has a practical height of 30 inches that allows you to manipulate with them. To give them stability, they are made from concrete and have a 4.75 inches width. You don’t have to worry about oiling them since they are firm enough.


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