Decorate your home with balusters

Decorate your home with balusters

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How can you make balusters with molds?

Balusters are a formation made from any material of your choice that is used as decoration for your outdoors ambient. Besides buying balusters that are already done, you can do them yourself too. The process is not that difficult if you know what molds are and how to use them. Molds are the place where the baluster creates form and gets hard. It gives them the height, width, style and details based on their inner form. The molds have different shape and parameters based on what you want out of them.

Balusters can lighten up your outdoors whether they are used on your balcony or on the stairwell. They are usually colored white to keep their tradition alive since the first balusters recorder were mostly white. The balusters date back to the Baroc times and have been around ever since. Their characteristic look and stability has kept them the best choice for decoration of your outdoor. Our company offers you the possibility to create balusters with molds yourself by offering molds of different kinds. You can find all our mold models here and make your choice whatever model you desire.

Three main reasons you should choose balusters

There are more than three reasons why balusters should be your choice to decorate your home. We chose the three main ones so you have a better view on why you should chose balusters.

Elegant – The elegance that baluster give to your home is irreplaceable with any other choice. The tall and thick formation gives you the feeling that you are back to the ancient times. Not only are they stable, but they are good looking too! The white color of the baluster gives you the feeling of elegance that fits every home.

Stability – Any other choice would be less stable because of their parameters. Take for example railing, a very common choice for your stairway or outdoor. They are thin and long, and made from metal mostly, or sometimes wood. Now, if we compare the stability between a 4.75 inches wide concrete baluster and a 1 inch metal, we have the answer. The thicker the more stable it is.

Easy – Perhaps the easiest choice for maintenance in this field. Not necessary to paint them again since they are not made of metal and don’t rust. Same thing goes if you would have wood railings for your stairway. The balusters do not require constant care and can take care of themselves just as well. If you are a rather lazy person when it comes to keep things the way they should be, this is your best choice!

If you have any more question regarding our service of baluster molds, please contact us at or e-mail us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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