How to Enhance Outdoor Spaces with Decorative Concrete Countertops

How to Enhance Outdoor Spaces with Decorative Concrete Countertops

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Homeowners are always looking for interesting ways to improve their outdoor living spaces. This might include installing a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or a pool deck with a bar. All of these spaces can be further enhanced with the help of concrete countertop supplies and a high quality concrete sealer.

Enjoy Versatility with Decorative Concrete Supplies

By choosing to use concrete countertop products, homeowners have the freedom to create nearly any look for their countertops. The slabs can be created using specialty concrete mixes that contain the colors and aggregates that are desired. Rubber concrete stamps can even be used to make it look as if the counter is covered in tile or made from pieces of natural stone.

As HGTV Remodels explains, concrete countertop supplies offer a virtually infinite range of options. Using concrete dyes or the perfect concrete stain, it is possible to achieve nearly any color and any pattern. An acid stain can be used to transform the entire countertop or create a splash or speckled effect. Concrete counters can also be designed with custom features, like draining or cutting boards, and can be tailored to accommodate custom sinks.

Precautions to Take When Using Concrete Countertops Outdoors

When you are using decorative concrete supplies for your outdoor kitchen, your fire pit, or any other exterior area, you need these materials to be able to weather the elements. Concrete can potentially crack or become stained if it is not installed and sealed properly. To combat these problems, contractors can reinforce the countertops using tensile steel or spiderlathe within the structure, and apply protective concrete sealers.

Non-toxic concrete sealers are ideal for safeguarding interior and exterior concrete countertops. These sealants are safe for people to use, and they stop the concrete from being porous. The porosity of concrete is what can make these countertops vulnerable, as the concrete absorbs moisture. By using concrete countertop products like low VOC sealers, a barrier can be created that stops moisture from seeping in.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

Installing any countertop can be a major undertaking, and there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes to occur. This is especially the case when those countertops need to perform outdoors. To receive the best results possible, it is sometimes wise to choose a contractor who is familiar with working with decorative concrete countertop supplies. Ask for references and examples of previous work to find the contractor who can best fill your needs.

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